A Christmas Carol (1938)

A Christmas Carol (1938)
"A Christmas Carol" Poster

Film A Christmas Carol by director Edwin L. Marin with cinematographer Sidney Wagner, writer Hugo Butler and editor George Boemler.

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Starring in A Christmas Carol from 1938 is Barry MacKay and Reginald Owen, among others.


  • Title: A Christmas Carol
  • Year: 1938
  • Duration: 69 minutes (1h 9m)

A Christmas Carol Crew

The main crew of A Christmas Carol consists of:

A Christmas Carol Cast

The main cast of A Christmas Carol consists of Barry MacKay as Scrooge's Nephew Fred and Reginald Owen as Ebenezer Scrooge.

List of All Cast in A Christmas Carol

The entire cast of A Christmas Carol is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Ann RutherfordSpirit of Christmas Past
Barry MacKayScrooge's Nephew Fred
Billy BevanStreet Watch Leader
Bunny BeattyMartha Cratchit
Charles ColemanCharity Solicitor Brummage
Colin Kenny
Crauford KentScrooge's Tall Business Associate
D'Arcy CorriganSpirit of Christmas Future
Delmar WatsonSnowballer in Gang
Forrester HarveyOld Fezziwig
Halliwell HobbesClergyman Sliding on Sidewalk
Harry CordingWaiter
I. Stanford JolleyMan on Sidewalk
June LockhartBelinda Cratchit
Kathleen LockhartMrs. Cratchit
Leo G. CarrollMarley's Ghost
Lionel BrahamSpirit of Christmas Present
Lumsden HareMan Discussing Scrooge's Funeral
Lynne CarverFred's Fiancee Bess
Matthew BoultonCharity Solicitor Twill
Olaf HyttenSchoolmaster
Reginald OwenEbenezer Scrooge
Ronald SinclairYoung Ebenezer

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