Area 88 (1985)

Area 88 (1985)
"Area 88" Poster

Action, drama and animation film Area 88 by director Hisayuki Toriumi with cinematographer Juro Sugimura and writer Akiyoshi Sakai.

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Starring in Area 88 from 1985 is Iemasa Kayumi, Kaneto Shiozawa and Kei Tomiyama, among others.


  • Title: Area 88
  • Year: 1985
  • Duration: 200 minutes (3h 20m)

Area 88 Crew

The main crew of Area 88 consists of:

Area 88 Cast

The main cast of Area 88 consists of Iemasa Kayumi as McCoy, Kaneto Shiozawa as Shin Kazama and Kei Tomiyama as Mickey Simon.

List of All Cast in Area 88

The entire cast of Area 88 is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Iemasa KayumiMcCoy
Kaneto ShiozawaShin Kazama
Kei TomiyamaMickey Simon
TarĊ ShigakiSaki Vashutal

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