Black Swan (2010)

Black Swan (2010)
"Black Swan" Poster

Film Black Swan by director Darren Aronofsky with cinematographer Matthew Libatique, writers Mark Heyman, Andres Heinz and John J. McLaughlin, composer Clint Mansell and editor Andrew Weisblum.

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Starring in Black Swan from 2010 is Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman and Vincent Cassel, among others.


  • Title: Black Swan
  • Year: 2010
  • Duration: 108 minutes (1h 48m)

Black Swan Crew

The main crew of Black Swan consists of:

Gear used on Black Swan

The Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses with Arriflex 16 SR3 and Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses with Arriflex 416 were used when creating "Black Swan".

List of all gear used:

Color Palettes of Black Swan

5 Color Palette images found of Black Swan were found.

Black Swan Cast

The main cast of Black Swan consists of Mila Kunis as Lily / The Black Swan, Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers / The Swan Queen and Vincent Cassel as Thomas Leroy / The Gentleman.

List of All Cast in Black Swan

The entire cast of Black Swan is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Abraham AronofskyMr. Stein / Patron
Barbara HersheyErica Sayers / The Queen
Benjamin MillepiedDavid / The Prince
Charlotte AronofskyMrs. Stein / Patron
Chris GartinSexy Waiter Scott
Deborah OffnerAdministrator Susie
Jason OliveJeffrey / Suitor
John EppersonJaded Piano Player
Kristina AnapauGalina / Little Swan
Ksenia SoloVeronica / Little Swan
Kurt FromanUnderstudy for Siegfried
Laura BowmanCorps De Ballet
Leslie LylesNurse
Mark MargolisMr. Fithian
Mila KunisLily / The Black Swan
Natalie PortmanNina Sayers / The Swan Queen
Sebastian StanAndrew
Shaun O'HaganStage Manager Sebastian
Stanley B. HermanUncle Hank
Tina SloanMrs. Fithian / Patron
Toby HemingwayTom / Suitor
Vincent CasselThomas Leroy / The Gentleman
Winona RyderBeth Macintyre / The Dying Swan

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