Modern Times (1936)

Modern Times (1936)
"Modern Times" Poster

Film Modern Times by director Charlie Chaplin with cinematographers Ira H. Morgan and Roland Totheroh, writer Charlie Chaplin, composer Charlie Chaplin and editors Charlie Chaplin and Willard Nico.

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Starring in Modern Times from 1936 is Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman and Tiny Sandford, among others.


  • Title: Modern Times
  • Year: 1936
  • Duration: 87 minutes (1h 27m)

Modern Times Crew

The main crew of Modern Times consists of:

Modern Times Cast

The main cast of Modern Times consists of Charlie Chaplin as A factory worker, Paulette Goddard as A Gamin, Henry Bergman as Cafe Proprietor and Tiny Sandford as Big Bill.

List of All Cast in Modern Times

The entire cast of Modern Times is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Al Ernest GarciaPresident of the Electro Steel Corp.
Bobby BarberWorker
Bruce MitchellPaddywagon Policeman
Buddy MessingerCigar Counterman
Cecil ReynoldsMinister
Charlie ChaplinA factory worker
Chester ConklinMechanic
Chuck HamiltonWorker
Frank MoranConvict
Fred MalatestaHeadwaiter
Gloria DeHavenGamin's Sister
Hank MannBurglar
Harry WilsonWorker
Heinie ConklinAssembly Line Worker Next to Big Bill
Henry BergmanCafe Proprietor
J. C. NugentDepartment Store Section Manager
James C. MortonAssembly Line Relief Man
Juana SuttonWoman with Buttoned Bosom
Lloyd IngrahamFrustrated Cafe Patron
Louis NatheauxBurglar
Mira McKinneyMinister's Wife
Murdock MacQuarrieJ. Widdecombe Billows
Norman AinsleyBillows' Silent Assistant
Pat FlahertyJail Guard
Pat HarmonPaddywagon Policeman
Paulette GoddardA Gamin
Richard AlexanderCellmate
Russ PowellGypsy in Police Patrol Wagon
Sammy SteinTurbine Operator
Stanley BlystoneGamin's Father
Ted OliverBillows' Assistant
Tiny SandfordBig Bill
Wilfred LucasJuvenile Officer

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