Proyecto 43 (2013)

Proyecto 43 (2013)
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Comedy film Proyecto 43 by directors Elizabeth Banks, James Gunn, Griffin Dunne, Brett Ratner and Patrik Forsberg with cinematographers Newton Thomas Sigel and Steve Gainer, composers Tyler Bates and Christophe Beck and editor Patrick J. Don Vito.

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Starring in Proyecto 43 from 2013 is Hugh Jackman, Anna Faris, Chris Pratt and Kate Winslet, among others.


  • Title: Proyecto 43
  • Year: 2013
  • Duration: 94 minutes (1h 34m)
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Proyecto 43 Crew

The main crew of Proyecto 43 consists of:

Proyecto 43 Cast

The main cast of Proyecto 43 consists of Hugh Jackman as Davis (segment "The Catch"), Anna Faris as Vanessa (segment "The Proposition"), Chris Pratt as Jason (segment "The Proposition") and Kate Winslet as Beth (segment "The Catch").

List of All Cast in Proyecto 43

The entire cast of Proyecto 43 is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Anna FarisVanessa (segment "The Proposition")
Bobby CannavaleFake Superman (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")
Chloƫ Grace MoretzAmanda (segment "Middleschool Date")
Chris PrattJason (segment "The Proposition")
CommonBob Mone (segment "The Pitch")
Dennis QuaidCharlie Wessler (segment "The Pitch")
Elizabeth BanksAmy (segment "Beezel")
Emily Alyn LindBirthday Girl (segment "Beezel")
Emma StoneVeronica (segment "Veronica")
Gerard ButlerLeprechaun 1 & 2 (segment "Happy Birthday")
Greg KinnearGriffin Schraeder (segment "The Pitch")
Halle BerryEmily (segment "Truth or Dare")
Hugh JackmanDavis (segment "The Catch")
Jason SudeikisFake Batman (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")
Jeremy Allen WhiteKevin (segment "Homeschooled")
Johnny KnoxvillePete (segment "Happy Birthday")
Josh DuhamelAnson (segment "Beezel")
Justin LongFake Robin (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")
Kate BosworthArlene (segment "iBabe")
Kate WinsletBeth (segment "The Catch")
Katrina BowdenWoman (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")
Kieran CulkinNeil (segment "Veronica")
Kristen BellFake Supergirl (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")
Leslie BibbFake Wonder Woman (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")
Liev SchreiberRobert (segment "Homeschooled")
Matt WalshAmanda's Dad (segment "Middleschool Date")
Naomi WattsSamantha (segment "Homeschooled")
Patrick WarburtonDad (segment "Middleschool Date")
Richard GereRobert (segment "iBabe")
Seann William ScottPete (segment "Happy Birthday")
Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane (segment
Stephen MerchantDonald (segment "Truth or Dare")
Terrence HowardCoach Jackson (segment "Victory's Glory")
Uma ThurmanFake Lois Lane (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")

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