Murder Party (2007)

Murder Party (2007)
"Murder Party" Poster

Film Murder Party by director Jeremy Saulnier with cinematographer Jeremy Saulnier, writer Jeremy Saulnier, composers Brooke Blair and Will Blair and editor Marc Beroza.

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Starring in Murder Party from 2007 is Skei Saulnier and Chris Sharp, among others.


  • Title: Murder Party
  • Year: 2007
  • Duration: 79 minutes (1h 19m)

Murder Party Crew

The main crew of Murder Party consists of:

Gear used on Murder Party

The AJ-SDX900 was used when creating "Murder Party".

List of all gear used:

Murder Party Cast

The main cast of Murder Party consists of Skei Saulnier as Sky and Chris Sharp as Christopher S. Hawley.

List of All Cast in Murder Party

The entire cast of Murder Party is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Alex BarnettAlexander
Beau SiaCicero
Chris SharpChristopher S. Hawley
Kate PorterfieldTicketed Lady
Macon BlairMacon
Marc VivesBedford Avenue Hipster
Paul GoldblattPaul
Skei SaulnierSky
Stacy RockLexi
Tess Porterfield LovellTicketed Little Lady

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