Karate Tiger (1986)

Karate Tiger (1986)
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Comedy, action and crime film Karate Tiger by director Corey Yuen with cinematographer John Huneck, writers Corey Yuen, Ng See-Yuen and Keith W. Strandberg, composer Paul Gilreath and editors James Melkonian, Mark Pierce and Allan Poon.

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Starring in Karate Tiger from 1986 is Jean-Claude Van Damme, J.W. Fails, Kurt McKinney and Kathie Sileno, among others.


  • Title: Karate Tiger
  • Year: 1986
  • Duration: 85 minutes (1h 25m)

Karate Tiger Crew

The main crew of Karate Tiger consists of:

Karate Tiger Cast

The main cast of Karate Tiger consists of Jean-Claude Van Damme as Ivan Kraschinsky the Russian, J.W. Fails as R.J. Madison, Kurt McKinney as Jason Stillwell and Kathie Sileno as Kelly Reilly.

List of All Cast in Karate Tiger

The entire cast of Karate Tiger is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Dale JacobyDean Ramsey
J.W. FailsR.J. Madison
Jean-Claude Van DammeIvan Kraschinsky the Russian
Kathie SilenoKelly Reilly
Kent LiphamScott
Kurt McKinneyJason Stillwell
Michele "Mouse" KrasnooKarate Student
Peter CunninghamFrank Peters
Ron PohnelIan Reilly
Timothy D. BakerTom Stillwell

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