Overkill (1987)

Overkill (1987)
"Overkill" Poster

Action, thriller and crime film Overkill by director Ulli Lommel with cinematographer James Takashi, writer Ulli Lommel and composer Bill Roebuck.

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Starring in Overkill from 1987 is Laura Burkett, John Nishio and Steve Rally, among others.


  • Title: Overkill
  • Year: 1987
  • Duration: 87 minutes (1h 27m)

Overkill Crew

The main crew of Overkill consists of:

Overkill Cast

The main cast of Overkill consists of Laura Burkett as Jamie, John Nishio as Akashi and Steve Rally as Mickey ''Mike'' Delano.

List of All Cast in Overkill

The entire cast of Overkill is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Antonio CaprioPolice Chief
Chris TashimaNagumo Jr.
John NishioAkashi
Joycelyne LewYakuza Woman
Laura BurkettJamie
Michelle BauerNeighbor
Roy SummersettSteiner
Shiro TomitaNagumo Sr.
Steve RallyMickey ''Mike'' Delano

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