Resident Evil 5 (2012)

Resident Evil 5 (2012)
"Resident Evil 5" Poster

Horror, action and sci-fi film Resident Evil 5 by director Paul W.S. Anderson with cinematographer Glen MacPherson, writer Paul W.S. Anderson, composers Andy Milburn and Tom Hajdu and editor Niven Howie.

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Starring in Resident Evil 5 from 2012 is Michelle Rodriguez, Sienna Guillory and Milla Jovovich, among others.


  • Title: Resident Evil 5
  • Year: 2012
  • Duration: 95 minutes (1h 35m)
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

Resident Evil 5 Crew

The main crew of Resident Evil 5 consists of:

Resident Evil 5 Cast

The main cast of Resident Evil 5 consists of Michelle Rodriguez as Rain, Sienna Guillory and Milla Jovovich.

List of All Cast in Resident Evil 5

The entire cast of Resident Evil 5 is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Ali Larter
Anna BoltDr. Green
Aryana EngineerBecky
Ave Merson-O'BrianRed Queen
Bingbing LiAda Wong
Boris KodjoeLuther West
Colin SalmonOne
Eric MabiusMatt Addison
Heike MakatschDr. Lisa Addison
Iain GlenDr. Isaacs
Indra OvéMs. Black
James PurefoySpence Parks
Jason Isaacs(archive footage)
Johann Urb
Joseph MayDr. Blue
Kevin Durand
Kevin ShandThe Axe Men
Kim CoatesBennett
Liz May BriceMedic
Martin CrewesChad Kaplan
Megan CharpentierRed Queen
Michelle RodriguezRain
Mika NakashimaJ Pop Girl
Milla Jovovich
Norman YeungKim Yong
Oded FehrTodd / Carlos
Ofilio PortilloTony
Pasquale AleardiJ.D. Salinas
Raymond OlubawaleThe Axe Men
Razaaq AdotiSergeant Payton Wells
Robin KasyanovSergei
Sandrine HoltTerri Morales
Shawn Roberts
Sienna Guillory
Spencer LockeK-Mart
Takato YamashitaJapanese Businessman
Thomas KretschmannMajor Tom Cain
Toshio OkiJapanese Policeman
Trevor JonesNursery Zombie
Wentworth MillerChris Redfield

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