Smokin Aces (2006)

Smokin Aces (2006)
"Smokin Aces" Poster

Comedy, action and crime film Smokin Aces by director Joe Carnahan with composer Clint Mansell.

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Starring in Smokin Aces from 2006 is Matthew Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta and Jeremy Piven, among others.


  • Title: Smokin Aces
  • Year: 2006
  • Duration: 109 minutes (1h 49m)
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

Smokin Aces Crew

The main crew of Smokin Aces consists of:

Smokin Aces Cast

The main cast of Smokin Aces consists of Matthew Fox as Bill, Ryan Reynolds as Richard Messner, Ray Liotta as Donald Carruthers and Jeremy Piven as Buddy Israel.

List of All Cast in Smokin Aces

The entire cast of Smokin Aces is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Andy GarciaStanley Locke
Ben AffleckJack Dupree
Chris PineDarwin Tremor
Christopher Michael HolleyBeanie
CommonSir Ivy
Jason BatemanRupert 'Rip' Reed
Jeremy PivenBuddy Israel
Joel EdgertonHugo Croop
Matthew FoxBill
Nestor CarbonellPasquale Acosta "S.A. Gerald Diego"
Peter Berg"Pistol" Pete Deeks
Ray LiottaDonald Carruthers
Ryan ReynoldsRichard Messner
Taraji P. HensonSharice Watters
Tommy FlanaganLazlo Soot

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