Stories We Tell (2012)

Stories We Tell (2012)
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Film Stories We Tell by director Sarah Polley with writer Sarah Polley and editor Mike Munn.

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Starring in Stories We Tell from 2012 is Harry Gulkin and Michael Polley, among others.


  • Title: Stories We Tell
  • Year: 2012
  • Duration: 108 minutes (1h 48m)

Stories We Tell Crew

The main crew of Stories We Tell consists of:

Stories We Tell Cast

The main cast of Stories We Tell consists of Harry Gulkin as - Storyteller and Michael Polley as Storyteller.

List of All Cast in Stories We Tell

The entire cast of Stories We Tell is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Anne TaitStoryteller
Cathy Gulkin- Storyteller
Deirdre Bowen- Storyteller
Diane PolleySelf (archive footage)
Geoffrey Bowes- Storyteller
Harry Gulkin- Storyteller
Jeanie CallejaVictoria Mitchell
Jeff MalloryTom Butler
Joanna PolleyStoryteller
Lani BillardSusy Buchan
Mark PolleyStoryteller
Michael PolleyStoryteller
Mort RansenStoryteller
Pixie Bigelow- Storyteller
Rebecca JenkinsDiane Polley
Sarah Polley
Thomas HauffActor (The Caretaker)
Tom Butler- Storyteller
Tracey FerenczAunt Sheila

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