Ford Fairlane (1990)

Ford Fairlane (1990)
"Ford Fairlane" Poster

Comedy, action and adventure film Ford Fairlane by director Renny Harlin with cinematographer Oliver Wood and writers Daniel Waters, David Arnott and James Cappe.

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Starring in Ford Fairlane from 1990 is Andrew Dice Clay, Priscilla Presley, Morris Day and Wayne Newton, among others.


  • Title: Ford Fairlane
  • Year: 1990
  • Duration: 104 minutes (1h 44m)

Ford Fairlane Crew

The main crew of Ford Fairlane consists of:

Ford Fairlane Cast

The main cast of Ford Fairlane consists of Andrew Dice Clay as Ford Fairlane, Priscilla Presley as Colleen Sutton, Morris Day as Don Cleveland and Wayne Newton as Julian Grendel.

List of All Cast in Ford Fairlane

The entire cast of Ford Fairlane is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Allan WassermanMortician
Andrew Dice ClayFord Fairlane
Brandon CallThe Kid
Charlie HawkeMortician
Christopher D. ChildersClub Dancer #1
Cindy LehreLydia
Cody JarrettKyle Troy
Connie JohnsonTour Guide
David ArnottClub Guy
David BoweCollege Boy
Diana BarrowsSorority Girl
Gry ParkTwin Club Girl
Hili ParkTwin Club Girl
Jay UnderwoodClub Guy Bob
Jordan LundAmiable Tourist
Kari WuhrerMelodi
Katariina SouriGirl at Funeral
Kathleen MonicaReceptionist
Kristin PearceySorority Girl
Kurt LoderMTV VJ
Ladd VanceFrat Boy
Lauren HollyJazz
Lori PfeifferSorority Girl
Maddie CormanZuzu Petals
Michael Alan KahnCollege Boy
Monique MannenPussycat
Morris DayDon Cleveland
Priscilla PresleyColleen Sutton
Rita BlandReceptionist
Robert EnglundSmiley
Robert MangiardiSleazy Guy
Tone LocSlam the Rapper
Vince NeilBobby Black
Wayne NewtonJulian Grendel

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