The Dungeonmaster (1984)

The Dungeonmaster (1984)
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Horror, sci-fi and fantasy film The Dungeonmaster by directors John Carl Buechler, Ted Nicolaou, Steven Ford, Peter Manoogian and Rosemarie Turko with cinematographer Mac Ahlberg, writers Allen Actor, John Carl Buechler, Jeffrey Byron, Ted Nicolaou, Peter Manoogian and Rosemarie Turko, composers Shirley Walker and Richard Band and editors Ted Nicolaou and Marc Leif.

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Starring in The Dungeonmaster from 1984 is Jeffrey Byron and Richard Moll, among others.


  • Title: The Dungeonmaster
  • Year: 1984
  • Duration: 73 minutes (1h 13m)

The Dungeonmaster Crew

The main crew of The Dungeonmaster consists of:

The Dungeonmaster Cast

The main cast of The Dungeonmaster consists of Jeffrey Byron as Paul Bradford and Richard Moll as Mestema.

List of All Cast in The Dungeonmaster

The entire cast of The Dungeonmaster is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Chris HolmesW.A.S.P. guitar player (segment "Heavy Metal")
Cleve HallJack the Ripper (segment "Ice Gallery)
Gina CalabreseGirl in Dream
Jeffrey ByronPaul Bradford
Peter KentZombie (segment "Demons Of The Dead")
R.J. MillerMr. Cahane
Richard MollMestema

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