The Mahabharata (1989)

The Mahabharata (1989)
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War drama film The Mahabharata with cinematographer William Lubtchansky and editor Michèle Hollander.

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Starring in The Mahabharata from 1989 is Miriam Goldschmidt, Robert Langdon Lloyd, Bruce Myers and Vittorio Mezzogiorno, among others.


  • Title: The Mahabharata
  • Year: 1989
  • Duration: 255 minutes (4h 15m)

The Mahabharata Crew

The main crew of The Mahabharata consists of:

The Mahabharata Cast

The main cast of The Mahabharata consists of Miriam Goldschmidt as Kunti, Robert Langdon Lloyd as Vyasa, Bruce Myers as Ganesha; Krishna and Vittorio Mezzogiorno as Arjuna.

List of All Cast in The Mahabharata

The entire cast of The Mahabharata is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Bruce MyersGanesha; Krishna
Georges CorrafaceDuryodhana
Miriam GoldschmidtKunti
Robert Langdon LloydVyasa
Sotigui KouyatéBhishma, Parashurama
Tuncel KurtizShakuni
Vittorio MezzogiornoArjuna
Yoshi OidaDrona

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