The Sprinter (1984)

The Sprinter (1984)
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Drama and sport film The Sprinter by director Christoph Böll.

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Starring in The Sprinter from 1984 is Dieter Eppler, Gerhard Olschewski, Wieland Samolak and Wichart von Roëll, among others.


  • Title: The Sprinter
  • Year: 1984
  • Duration: 87 minutes (1h 27m)

The Sprinter Crew

The main crew of The Sprinter consists of:

The Sprinter Cast

The main cast of The Sprinter consists of Dieter Eppler as Siegfried Dietrich, Gerhard Olschewski as Ricardo, Wieland Samolak as Wieland and Wichart von Roëll as Dr.Klampf.

List of All Cast in The Sprinter

The entire cast of The Sprinter is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Dieter EpplerSiegfried Dietrich
Gerhard OlschewskiRicardo
Miriam SpoerriMagda Dietrich
Wichart von RoëllDr.Klampf
Wieland SamolakWieland

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