Vampire in Venice (1988)

Vampire in Venice (1988)
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Film Vampire in Venice by directors Klaus Kinski, Mario Caiano, Augusto Caminito, Luigi Cozzi and Maurizio Lucidi with writer Augusto Caminito, composers Vangelis and Luigi Ceccarelli and editor Claudio M. Cutry.

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Starring in Vampire in Venice from 1988 is Christopher Plummer, Klaus Kinski, Donald Pleasence and Barbara De Rossi, among others.


  • Title: Vampire in Venice
  • Year: 1988
  • Duration: 97 minutes (1h 37m)

Vampire in Venice Crew

The main crew of Vampire in Venice consists of:

Vampire in Venice Cast

The main cast of Vampire in Venice consists of Christopher Plummer as Professor Paris Catalano, Klaus Kinski as Nosferatu, Donald Pleasence as Don Alvise and Barbara De Rossi as Helietta Canins.

List of All Cast in Vampire in Venice

The entire cast of Vampire in Venice is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Anne KnechtMaria Canins
Barbara De RossiHelietta Canins
Christopher PlummerProfessor Paris Catalano
Clara ColosimoMedium
Donald PleasenceDon Alvise
Elvire AudrayUta Barneval
Giuseppe Mannajuolo
Klaus KinskiNosferatu
Maria Cumani QuasimodoPrincess
Mickey KnoxPriest
Yorgo VoyagisDr. Barneval

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