Cinema Camera Rolling Shutter List

Cinema Camera Rolling Shutter List

Check out your favorite camera's rolling shutter performance in our extensive list.

Rolling shutter is a common problem with digital cinema cameras utilizing a CMOS sensor, where the line-by-line sensor readout causes a jello effect or a wobble in the recorded clip.

Rolling Shutter List

Here's a list of how well popular digital cinema cameras perform in regards to rolling shutter and sensor read-out speeds. Remember; lower values are better as they equal faster sensor read-out speed.

Camera Comment Rolling Shutter
Sony CineAlta Venice 2 - < 3 ms
Arri Alexa Mini - 3 ms
Canon EOS C300 Mark 2 - 6 ms
Sony FX3 120 fps (10% crop) 7.7 ms
Sony A7s III 120 fps (10% crop) 7.7 ms
Canon EOS R5 Line skipping 8 ms
Sony FX3 - 8.7 ms
Sony A7s III - 8.7 ms
Panasonic Lumix GH5s - 11 ms
Panasonic Lumix GH5 - 13 ms
Sony PXW-FS7 - 14 ms
RED Scarlet - 14 ms
Canon EOS C70 Below 75 fps 15.6 ms
RED One M-X - 16.6 ms
Canon EOS 1D C Super 35 (HD) 18 ms
Canon EOS 1D C 4K 25 ms
Sony A7s II - 25 ms
Sony Alpha a6300 - 34 ms

This list is updated whenever we receive new sensor read-out speeds. If you have any numbers that are missing in this article, please let us know using the contact form.

What is Rolling Shutter?

Read more about the phenomenon that is rolling shutter in our wiki entry about rolling shutter.