Power Draw of Digital Bolex D16

Power Draw of Digital Bolex D16

Thanks to the Digital Bolex user Hannes Johansson we have fresh numbers of the D16 power draw in different situations.

Sometimes you need to calculate power draw in order to plan for battery purchaes and/or generator rentals, but it's hard to know how much power a specific camera uses. In case you're shooting with a Digital Bolex D16, we have fresh numbers below to help you out.

Digital Bolex D16 Power Draw Measurements

Camera Battery Output Draw
Off Charging - 5w 0.3A
Standby Charging - 21w 1.3A
Rec Charging - 22w 1.4A
Standby Charging SmallHD 502 30w 1.9A
Standby Full - 13w 0.8A
Rec Full - 16w 0.9A

Comment from Hannes

Here's what he has to say about the measurement:

If anyone is interested I took some measurements today on the energy draw of the D16. All measurements taken using a blueshape v-lock with their wifi app in a 18c temperature room at "cold start". Could be helpful information for anyone trying to figure out how much extra power they need to bring to a shoot or for those of us who just like nerding out..

Thank you very much for these numbers, Hannes!