The Look of "The Lighthouse"

The Look of

Find out more about how the crew shot the black and white horror film The Lighthouse.

The Hurlbut Academy are back with another in-depth cinematography-focused behind the scenes video, this time covering the artistic horror film The Lighthouse.

Old Film Stock

The film was shot using analog cinema cameras, and a grainy film stock with as low sensitivity as 80 ASA was used. This meant the crew needed much, much more light than other modern productions — usually filming in the 200 - 1000 ISO range.

The Look of The Lighthouse

The video by Hurlbut Academy is available on YouTube, and can be viewed below;

I thoroughly enjoyed this behind the scenes video, as both the film and the process behind making The Lighthouse seems to be unique in it's own right.

Emulate the Look

Want to get the look of The Lighthouse yourself? Read our Orthochromatic Film Look Tutorial.