Followed (2020)

Followed (2020)
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Horror thriller film Followed by director Antoine Le with cinematographer Nelson Pun, writer Todd Klick, composer Jason Soudah and editor Matthew Brewbaker.

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Starring in Followed from 2020 is John Savage, Kelsey Griswold and Caitlin Grace, among others.


  • Title: Followed
  • Year: 2020
  • Duration: 96 minutes (1h 36m)
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Followed Crew

The main crew of Followed consists of:

Followed Cast

The main cast of Followed consists of John Savage as Wallace, Kelsey Griswold as Jess and Caitlin Grace as Nic.

List of All Cast in Followed

The entire cast of Followed is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Alex Robert HolmesBloody Man / Young Ghost
Alexis QueenParty Goer
Blanca BlancoNic's Step Mother
Brianna McClellanHalloween Girl
Caitlin GraceNic
Christopher Ross MartinSecurity Guard
David NeslerTerrible Tyler
Doreen Fox LoughlinShirley
Ethan AlexanderDavid Olmos
Evette MurphyStitched Woman
Francheska SavageSecurity Guard
Gregory AdkinsFreddie Lemaire
India AdamsJoyce
Ivo BuhlesTourist
JoAnna de CastroMaid
John SavageWallace
Karan SagooMasked Evil Presence
Kate RomeroNic's Mother / Mrs. Eply
Kelsey GriswoldJess
Mark Oby BrownCop
Matthew SolomonMike
Rachel RazonParty Goer
Sam ValentineDanni
Santiago PostigoMaintenance Man
Sarah ChangMeghan Kim
Sonia PizarroHomeless Woman
Steve MerillatPedestrian
Terumi ShimazuMeghan Kim's Mother
Thaddeaus EkGhost Boy
Tim DrierChris
Todd KlickSqueegee Man

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