My Mothers Castle (1990)

My Mothers Castle (1990)
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Comedy, adventure and biography film My Mothers Castle by director Yves Robert with cinematographer Robert Alazraki, writer Yves Robert, composer Vladimir Cosma and editor Pierre Gillette.

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Starring in My Mothers Castle from 1990 is Philippe Caubère, Thérèse Liotard and Didier Pain, among others.


  • Title: My Mothers Castle
  • Year: 1990
  • Duration: 98 minutes (1h 38m)

My Mothers Castle Crew

The main crew of My Mothers Castle consists of:

My Mothers Castle Cast

The main cast of My Mothers Castle consists of Philippe Caubère as Joseph Pagnol, Thérèse Liotard as Aunt Rose and Didier Pain as Uncle Jules.

List of All Cast in My Mothers Castle

The entire cast of My Mothers Castle is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Alain Ganas
André Chaumeau
Didier PainUncle Jules
Jean CarmetDrunkard guard
Jean Maurel
Jean-Marie JuanFenestrelle
Jean-Pierre DarrasNarrator, Marcel Pagnol
Joris MolinasLili des Bellons
Josy Andrieu
Julien CiamacaMarcel Pagnol
Louis Lalanne
Maxime LombardMr. Arnaud
Michel ModoPostman
Paul CrauchetEdmond des Papillons, aka Mond des Parpaillouns
Philippe CaubèreJoseph Pagnol
Philippe UchanBouzigue, hunting whip
Pierre MaguelonFrançois, father of Lili
Raoul CuretMr. Vincent
René LoyonMr. Besson
Thérèse LiotardAunt Rose
Ticky HolgadoBinucci, le piqueur
Victorien DelamarePaul Pagnol

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