Point Blank (1967)

Point Blank (1967)
"Point Blank" Poster

Film Point Blank by director John Boorman with cinematographer Philip H. Lathrop, writer Alexander Jacobs, composer Johnny Mandel and editor Henry Berman.

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Starring in Point Blank from 1967 is Angie Dickinson, Lee Marvin, Carroll O'Connor and Keenan Wynn, among others.


  • Title: Point Blank
  • Year: 1967
  • Duration: 92 minutes (1h 32m)

Point Blank Crew

The main crew of Point Blank consists of:

Point Blank Cast

The main cast of Point Blank consists of Angie Dickinson as Chris, Lee Marvin as Walker, Carroll O'Connor as Brewster and Keenan Wynn as Yost.

List of All Cast in Point Blank

The entire cast of Point Blank is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Angie DickinsonChris
Anthony RedondoConventioneer
Barbara FeldonGirl in TV Commercial
Bill HickmanReese's Guard on Balcony
Bud CokesConventioneer
Carroll O'ConnorBrewster
Chuck HicksGuard
Cosmo SardoConventioneer
Ethelreda LeopoldConventioneer
Felix SillaBellhop
George BruggemanConventioneer
George CalligaConventioneer
Guy WayBill (Brewster's Chauffeur)
James B. SikkingHired Gun
Jeffrey SayreSpectator
Jerry CatronMan
John McMurtryMessenger
John VernonMal Reese
Joseph MellMan
Kathleen FreemanFirst Citizen
Keenan WynnYost
Kenneth GibsonConventioneer
Lee MarvinWalker
Leoda RichardsConventioneer
Lloyd BochnerFrederick Carter
Michael Bell2nd Penthouse Lobby Guard
Monty O'GradyConventioneer
Murray PollackConventioneer
Norman StevansConventioneer
Philo McCulloughConventioneer
Richard ElmoreConventioneer
Rico CattaniReese's Guard
Roberta HaynesMrs. Carter
Roland La StarzaReese's Guard
Roseann WilliamsDancer
Rudy GermaneConventioneer
Sandra WarnerWaitress
Sharon AckerLynne
Sid TroyConventioneer
Stu GardnerSinger
Susan HollowayGirl Customer
Ted WhiteFootball Player
Victor CreatoreCarter's Man

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