Quiet Cool (1986)

Quiet Cool (1986)
"Quiet Cool" Poster

Action film Quiet Cool by director Clay Borris with cinematographer Jacques Haitkin, writer Clay Borris, composer Jay Ferguson and editor Bob Brady.

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Starring in Quiet Cool from 1986 is James Remar, Daphne Ashbrook, Adam Coleman Howard and Jared Martin, among others.


  • Title: Quiet Cool
  • Year: 1986
  • Duration: 80 minutes (1h 20m)

Quiet Cool Crew

The main crew of Quiet Cool consists of:

Quiet Cool Cast

The main cast of Quiet Cool consists of James Remar as Joe Dylanne, Daphne Ashbrook as Katy Greer, Adam Coleman Howard as Joshua Greer and Jared Martin as Mike Prior.

List of All Cast in Quiet Cool

The entire cast of Quiet Cool is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Adam Coleman HowardJoshua Greer
Brooks GardnerPink
Charles CroughwellFerret Face
Clay BorrisLaundryman
Daphne AshbrookKaty Greer
James RemarJoe Dylanne
Jared MartinMike Prior
Joey SagalToker
Judith LedfordEvelyn
Nick CassavetesValence
Pat DuValFitzgerald
Phillipe SimonGuard No.1
Robert ShayeFranklin
Russell SolbergGuard No.2
Ted WhiteEllis
Travis McKennaHandlebar

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