Some Came Running (1958)

Some Came Running (1958)
"Some Came Running" Poster

Film Some Came Running by director Vincente Minnelli with cinematographer William H. Daniels, writer Arthur Sheekman, composer Elmer Bernstein and editor Adrienne Fazan.

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Starring in Some Came Running from 1958 is Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Dean Martin and Martha Hyer, among others.


  • Title: Some Came Running
  • Year: 1958
  • Duration: 137 minutes (2h 17m)

Some Came Running Crew

The main crew of Some Came Running consists of:

Some Came Running Cast

The main cast of Some Came Running consists of Frank Sinatra as Dave Hirsh, Shirley MacLaine as Ginnie Moorehead, Dean Martin as Bama Dillert and Martha Hyer as Gwen French.

List of All Cast in Some Came Running

The entire cast of Some Came Running is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Anthony JochimJudge Baskin
Arthur KennedyFrank Hirsh
Betty Lou KeimDawn Hirsh
Bud CokesClerk
Carmen PhillipsRosalie - Bama's Girl
Chuck CourtneyParkman Hotel Clerk
Connie GilchristJane Barclay
Dean MartinBama Dillert
Denny MillerDewey Cole
Don HaggertyTed Harperspoon
Donald KerrSmitty's Waiter
Frank SinatraDave Hirsh
Franklyn FarnumPasserby Outside Bar
George CalligaClub Patron
George CisarHubie Nelson
Geraldine WallMrs. Stevens
Jan ArvanNightclub Manager
Joe GrayMinor Role
Larry GatesProfessor Robert Haven French
Len LesserIndianapolis Poker Player
Leora DanaAgnes Hirsh
Leota LorraineDancing Guest
Marion RossSister Mary Joseph
Martha HyerGwen French
Monty O'GradyClub Patron
Nancy GatesEdith Barclay
Ned WeverSmitty
Paul CristoClub Patron
Raoul FreemanRestaurant Patron
Roy EngelSheriff
Scott SeatonNightclub Patron
Shirley MacLaineGinnie Moorehead
Steve CarruthersRestaurant Patron
Steve PeckRaymond Lanchak
Stuart HolmesClub Patron
William SchallertAl

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