Terror in the Aisles (1984)

Terror in the Aisles (1984)
"Terror in the Aisles" Poster

Horror, thriller and documentary film Terror in the Aisles by director Andrew J. Kuehn with cinematographer John A. Alonzo, composer John Beal and editors William Flicker and Gregory McClatchy.

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Starring in Terror in the Aisles from 1984 is Nancy Allen, Angie Dickinson, Morgan Fairchild, Donald Pleasence and Fred Asparagus, among others.


  • Title: Terror in the Aisles
  • Year: 1984
  • Duration: 84 minutes (1h 24m)

Terror in the Aisles Crew

The main crew of Terror in the Aisles consists of:

Terror in the Aisles Cast

The main cast of Terror in the Aisles consists of Nancy Allen as - Hostess, Angie Dickinson as Kate Miller, Morgan Fairchild, Donald Pleasence as - Host and Fred Asparagus as Featured Moviegoer.

List of All Cast in Terror in the Aisles

The entire cast of Terror in the Aisles is listed below, in alphabetical order.

Adrienne KingAlice (archive footage)
Alan ArkinRoat
Alfred HitchcockHimself (archive footage)
Amy SteelGinny (archive footage)
Andrew StevensRobin (archive footage)
Angie DickinsonKate Miller
Arthur StorchPsychiatrist (archive footage)
Barton HeymanDr. Klein (archive footage)
Bela LugosiDracula (archive footage)
Belinda BalaskiTerry Fisher (archive footage)
Bette DavisBaby Jane Hudson
Billy Dee WilliamsMatthew Fox (archive footage)
Boris KarloffThe Monster (archive footage)
Brad DavisBilly Hayes (archive footage)
Brooke AdamsElizabeth Driscoll
Bud AbbottChick (archive footage)
Carol KaneJill Johnson (archive footage)
Cary GrantJohn Robie (archive footage)
Charles CioffiPeter Cable (archive footage)
Chris RebelloMichael Brody (archive footage)
Danny LloydDanny Torrance (archive footage)
Dean MartinLarry Todd (archive footage)
Debbie HarryNicki Brand (archive footage)
Diane StilwellFeatured Moviegoer
Donald Pleasence- Host
Donald SutherlandMatthew Bennell (archive footage)
Drew Barrymore
Dustin HoffmanBabe (archive footage)
Ellen Burstyn
Elsa LanchesterMary Shelley / Monster's Mate (archive footage)
Ernest ThesigerDr. Pretorius (archive footage)
Fred AsparagusFeatured Moviegoer
Gary SwansonTom Walsh (archive footage)
Gerrit GrahamBeef (archive footage)
Gloria GiffordMrs. Alves (archive footage)
Grace KellyFrances Stevens
Gregory PeckRobert Thorn (archive footage)
Harry Dean StantonBrett (archive footage)
Heather O'RourkeCarol Anne Freeling (archive footage)
Holly PalanceNanny (archive footage)
Jack WestonCarlino (archive footage)
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jane Fonda
Jason MillerFather Karras (archive footage)
Jeff GoldblumJack Bellicec (archive footage)
Jerry LewisMyron Mertz (archive footage)
Jessica TandyLydia Brenner (archive footage)
Joan CrawfordBlanche Hudson
Joel S. RiceFeatured Moviegoer
John CassavetesGuy Woodhouse (archive footage)
John Michael GrahamBob (archive footage)
Kari MichaelsenDebbie Hyatt (archive footage)
Kasey RogersMiriam Joyce Haines (archive footage)
Keith DavidChilds (archive footage)
Laurence OlivierSzell (archive footage)
Lee RemickKatherine Thorn
Leo McKernCarl Bugenhagen (archive footage)
Linda BlairRegan
Lon Chaney Jr.Larry Talbot (archive footage)
Lorraine GaryEllen Brody (archive footage)
Lou CostelloWilbur (archive footage)
Louis Del GrandeFirst Scanner (archive footage)
Lynn LowryRuthie (archive footage)
Marilyn BurnsSally (archive footage)
Martin LandauByron 'Preacher' Sutcliff (archive footage)
Max von SydowFather Merrin (archive footage)
Mia Farrow
Michael CaineDr. Robert Elliott (archive footage)
Michael IronsideDarryl Revok (archive footage)
Morgan Fairchild
Nancy Allen- Hostess
Oliver RobinsRobbie Freeling (archive footage)
P.J. SolesLynda
Piper LaurieMargaret White (archive footage)
Ralph BellamyDr. Sapirstein (archive footage)
Regina WaldonMrs. Kobritz (archive footage)
Richard CrennaMike Talman (archive footage)
Rod TaylorMitch Brenner (archive footage)
Rutger HauerWulfgar (archive footage)
Season HubleyPrincess (archive footage)
Shelley DuvallWendy Torrance (archive footage)
Sidney BlackmerRoman Castevet (archive footage)
Steve DashJason (archive footage)
Susan BacklinieChrissie Watkins (archive footage)
Sylvester StalloneDeke DaSilva (archive footage)
Teri McMinnPam (archive footage)
Tippi HedrenMelanie Daniels
Veronica CartwrightNancy Bellicec
Wilford BrimleyDr. Blair (archive footage)
William FinleyThe Phantom (archive footage)
Wings HauserRamrod (archive footage)
Zoƫ LundThana (archive footage)

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